Our classes explore many different concepts and themes throughout their year together. While at preschool the children participate in circle time, center activities, art, sensory experiences, fine/gross motor challenges, literacy, math, science, music and outdoor play. All of our children participate in our Kindermusik@school program once a week taught by Maestro Kindermusik Educator Gina Terry. Our 4 year old children participate in a weekly chapel time with West Pitts, Director of Christian Education, as part of our curriculum. 

     Our preschool program provides opportunities for a variety of experiences through which your child:

  • Makes progress toward better social adjustments
  • Learns to give and take and to assume responsibilities in a group
  • Develops manipulative skills and acceptable work habits
  • Learns to listen and follow directions
  • Grows in their ability to think for themselves, communicate verbally, and to express themselves freely through music and art activities
  • Learns to respect others, their rights, and property
  • Strengthens the foundation upon which is built a storehouse of understanding, skills, and attitudes throughout his/her school experience
  • Grows in their understanding and appreciation for God's love



Letterland is a phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling. It will be used on an age appropriate level in all classrooms.  It's a fun child-centered approach to learning letters and sounds that further helps prepare your child for kindergarten.  Letterland is currently used in grades K-2 in most schools in the area, so experiencing it in preschool helps your child prepare for the transition to elementary school.


We are very proud to include Kindermusik@school www.kindermusik.com/schools/about/ as part of our preschool program.  Kindermusik ABC Music & Me, taught by Maestro Kindermusik Educator Gina Terry, is an early childhood curriculum that uses music and movement as a FUN and engaging way for children to develop and grow. Every child in our preschool will participate in weekly classes that are especially designed for his/her age to promote learning across all domains, and stimulate school readiness.  With each new theme, your family will receive free Kindermusik@home materials with parent information and ways to enjoy extending the playful, musical experiences together.